Element.AddInsulation problem (custom node) - INPUT PROBLEM

Hi all,

I’ve a dynamo used to insulate pipes according to each sizes (and theoretically apply the correct insulation thickness). All the dynamo and the related inputs are correct because if i used another Node (Element.AddInsulation by DynaMEP) always proceed ok (the problem is that that node don’t insulate the fittings/junctions). To solve this problem i have this Custom node (following pictures)

The problem (I suppose…) is in the input “Elements” because another dynamo for another scope have the same problem and also in that case the input data are ok. The strange thing is that until a few months ago everything was always fine.

I would greatly appreciate some assistance

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Node by DynaMEP infos:

@francesco.caola1 , hi

can delete it from the packagemanager and reinstall it.



sorry for the stupid question, but where is packagemanager?

@Draxl_Andreas sorry for the screenshot in italian language


i’ve only search packages and publish new package


@francesco.caola1 ,

check out under dynamo, and reinstall the package

sorry for the screenshot in german… but semantic is the same

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Try changing the hard coded Elements to var

Hi @JacobSmall, thanks, but what do you mean with “var”?

change the inputs from element: archilab.Revit.Elements.Elements[] to element: var[]. This may get you up and running.

Same with insulation type.

Hello @JacobSmall, we changen to element: var but it doesn’t work.

See the result below…

Can you copy the python node into the canvas, and see if it triggers a warning?

Have you tried mepover package it should had an insulation node as well

no warning…

@sovitek it’s the MEPOVER node…

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Ahhh i see….last time i use it i need to convert feets to mm for get to work….but not sure i take a check when i am at ny pc

Can you grab a screenshot showing the copy of the Python node in the .dyf workspace after pasting it into the .dyn workspace?

strange…works fine here im in 2022…

Check lines 17 and 18 for where you’re using UnitType, and make the relevant corrections there.

dut = doc.GetUnits().GetFormatOptions(UnitType.UT_Length).DisplayUnits
bool = dut == DisplayUnitType.DUT_MILLIMETERS

I took this node from MEPOVER and honestly i’m not fit with python…I read MILLIMETERS and my .rvt file is with millimeters too.

Looks like it’s the unit type change, which was introduced in Revit 2022 when there was a shift from Revit’s historic units to Forge units, to permit better cross platform interoperability. It’s a big pain, but a short lived one.

Best bet will be to go back to the MEPover node, but the latest version thereof, and look at how those unit types are handled.

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actuelly i think it will work with one element type at time,probably am wrong :wink: