Element.ElectricalCircuit in MEPover not working

it looks like the method to call ElectricalSystems changed in R22, and the MEPover package hasn’t been updated (left). I’m trying to modify this, but i’m running into some challenges (right). I’m in a bit a rush so i’m just going to throw the question out there :expressionless:

using GetElectricalSystem() returns the Revit object

I’m having trouble wrapping it into a Dynamo type with ToDSType. Am i just calling this method incorrectly?

or outputting the element Id

i’ve run into this issue where i think i’m asking for a property, but python thinks i’m asking for an attribute, and i don’t think i really understand the difference between the two :expressionless:

You’re missing most of the boilerplate imports, including the element conversion tools. Try grabbing the standard imports from this Python template and see if that resolves the issue: dynamoPython/RevitPythontemplateFile at master · Amoursol/dynamoPython · GitHub