MEP - Calculated airflow in spaces to populate supply diffuser


I’m not so interested in the geometry, my question is about transferring the calculated airflow value in the MEP space into the Air Flowrate parameter in the supply diffusers in the same space (and divide by number of diffusers).

I’ve been using Dynamo for a couple of days so my understanding is very limited; I’ve been to some classes at AU which helped but I’m stuck again! So far all I’ve done is SELECT the diffuser families and GET the parameter values from the spaces. I’ve made a list but it doesn’t seem to show the values, just numbers 0-236 in square brackets (so that’s problem number one). Now I need to SET the value in the diffuser (see how I paid attention in the classes!), so I’ve used a “Set Parameter By Name” node, but what do I connect to the “value” input? I’ve tried connecting straight from the “Get Parameter Value By Name” node, and from the “list.create” node attached to the “Get Parameter Value By Name” node, but neither seems to work. Should there be something in between them? Am I miles away??

I also don’t know how to change the lacing - I think I need to do a cross path lacing in order to show all the flowrates from all the spaces, but I’m not 100% sure about that either.

All help and advice very greatly received :slight_smile:



Get a look on this :

at the section "Automated diffuser placement in early stage MEP design " (In the middle of the page)



Hi, I tried the tutorial in the link provided. My question is now how do you separate the supply from the return. All the air terminals are grouped into the equation no matter if it’s a Return Diffuser or a Supply Diffuser. Thanks Vince