Exported Paramater value to the excel Shows different values

Hello everyone,

I have exported MEP space parameters to the excel.
Air flow parameters value in the excel is not matching with the value in the Revit model.
Is there any solution for the same?


You need tot convert from feet tot (milli)meters. Internally dynamo always uses feet.


whenever I import data(parameter) from excel for mechanical(HVAC) Airflow, it always consider excel data(parameter) as a cubic feet per second and convert the value as per Unit set in Revit for Mechanical flow…
Revit don’t have Cubic feet per second format for Airflow .

What does the data look like when you import it from Excel into Dynamo? From there just divide or multiply accordingly.

Hi Swapnil,

Similar topic is discussed here SetParameterByName makes change in Dynamo but not Revit