Automatically calculate air flow at terminal fan for all space

I am very newbie for dynamo, I would like to develop the program for MEP calculation.

Currently, I have trouble to automatically choose all spaces in dynamo.

If I am using, “select” to choose the space one by one the script can works, air flow at every air terminal can be calculated properly.

But, when I want to change the program to automatically run all spaces in one click, the script can’t works (the output airflow is wrong).

Is there any function that I should put at space setting or is there something wrong in my dynamo script?

Thank you in advance![:pray:]

Youll probably find that if you expand all the node data out to see what each node is handling that there is some list lacing or levels that need managing to correctly flow the data through.

This might help.
AirflowCalculation.dyn (28.8 KB)

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Solved, Thank you very much for your assists @NIRMAL !!!