MEP-AirFlow-Data to Excel



For better Air-Flow calculation I would like to bring the respective MEP Space Parameter to Excel and write it back.

My approach so far was to select Parameter by Name but the values I get are not quite right. I create a new project parameter for air flow per person (Volumenstrom pro Person) and gave it a value of 35m3/h. In Dynamo I get a value of 0.343.

First I thought it is has the wrong unit and it is “cfm” instead of “m3/h” but this would be 20.60 cfm. The same problem appears with the “Specified Supply Airflow“(Angegebener Zuluftstrom) Parameter.

So what does this number stands for?

How do I get the right values into Excel and back?

Thank you heimo



1 cubic meter per hour =0.00980962964 cubic feet per second

35 * 0.00980962964 =0.3433370374


thank you, wanted to write the same right know… better to check everything before posting questions …