Measure travel distances with Dynamo

Hi all,

Seoung Park posted an inspiring example of travel distance measurement using Dynamo in the gallery.

I was wondering if one of you had this script as i have been unable to contact Seoung Park to enquire about his post.

would love to try this script. i’m new using both Revit and Dynamo (have not quite used the latter yet) but i see great potential for the use of this script in a toolset.

thanks for any costructive input you can provide.


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Can you link us to the graph in question?

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Here are a couple of links:

  1. From the Autodesk Dynammo Forum: i think the link to this project is Measure travel distances with Dynamo
  2. the above directed to YouTube:


@richer.laurent The YouTube video description had a reference link to here:
The graph and example Revit project are linked to download at the end of the article :slight_smile:


I did something similar almost one year ago but never shared it. From the video you posted I imagine he is following the same principle as I did, which in summary is:

  • Get room boundaries and apply an offset inwards.
  • Create analysis points (eaither as a grid on the room, its corners, doors, etc.)
  • Create lines from the origin to each point and removing those no valid (intersecting boundaries or other criteria).
  • Using Curves.ShortestWalk node from Lunchbox package to find the shortest distance.
  • Represent the path. I used analysis points as is quite visual, but other options would be to create detail lines or 2-point adaptive families so they can be tagged/scheduled.

I’ve just uploaded a video on youtube with a demo I did on January: Shortest Path Computation In Revit using Dynamo.

I was driven to develop this after reading same post @awilliams refers to. After I made it work, this other post was published with a similar method. As I did it one year ago, now I realize there are a few (lot) things that can be heavily improved, so that´s the reason I don´t want to share the file just yet. Hopefully the logic described plus all the resources on the posts are enough to start :slight_smile:

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Obviously, my observation skills have lacked on that one ! :wink: :sob:

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