Calculate Longest Exit Distance

Autodesk.knowledge page has the text below referencing a “CALCULATE LONGEST EXIT DISTANCE” script in Dynamo. I can’t seem to find that script anywhere. Where is it!!??

Analysis Example

An example Dynamo script illustrating a path of travel analysis is available in Dynamo Player. Use the Calculate Longest Exit Distance script to analyze 2 exit doors. The script analyzes the plan and places a path of travel showing the longest exiting distance in the model to the 2 selected exit doors. See Play a Script in Dynamo Player.

I believe that this should be in the sample graphs shown in Dynamo player by default with your Revit 2020.1 installation.

That’s what I thought from the autocad post, but it is not on my Dynamo list. maybe I need to go back to version 2020.1? I just installed 2020 and the most recent service pack was 2020.2

Hi nmonday-

Unfortunately, that knowledge article had some incorrect information. We had hoped to get that graph in the Dynamo Player sample scripts, but we were unable to accomplish this in Revit 2020. Look for it soon in an upcoming Revit release!

Revit QA Analyst

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Ahhhh - good to know I am not crazy! I was looking everywhere for that script.


Been working in circles all morning looking for this script. @treyk could it just not get finished in time, or was there issues detecting doors and openings? trying to work on something identical to what it sounds like (Code requires the doorway sizes), so while it’s cool, it doesn’t provide any function as it sits. (Path of Travel Lines.) Close, but a swing and a miss. :frowning:

Perhaps I can whip something together later this week and use it as a learning exercise/video.

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I’ve done a lot of scripting and calculations using Dynamo, but this is my first attempt of actually interacting with objects. It’s definitely hard to get a handle on an object in the beginning, and what dynamo needs to interact with it!
In that phase of, “I wish I knew where to find more info!”
Just an example of getting started would be a huge help for me!

I made an example a while back of finding the closest toilet to an RPC character.

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here ya go:

This graph:

Makes this:

However, It could use some work. As you can see it decided to route outside the building for two of them. (bottom right)

And the graph below, Provided based on this comment.

pathCalcs.dyn (36.8 KB)

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Oh this is a huge help. I just installed Python (Finally) based on your last post. I’ll definitely report back anything I can find!

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