Path of Travel - Longest Path Dynamo Player

I’m testing out the new Dynamo Player script in Revit 2021 to Calculate Longest Exit Distance. Unfortunately it looks like the OOTB Autodesk node to handle this - PathofTravel.ByFloorPlanPoints is limited to only Floor Plan Views. My firm uses Area Plans for Life Safety views and the script throws a warning for this node any time I attempt to use it. Any clever workarounds for this from the group?

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. Create a FloorPlanView.
Either setup a quick view template to create Exit Calculation Plans and use that when needed or have Dynamo create the floor plan for you on the fly.

Dynamo already creates a floor plan for me, the issue is that we are leveraging area plans for our printed sheets so that we can accurately display the different IBC Space Function types and tag those areas accordingly in the view, along with rooms, and we also need to display the egress distances on this code compliance area plan. Sure, having them created in a different floor plan view would be acceptable for internal QC, but it needs to go on the printed drawing.

I don’t know if it’s actually possible. AreaPlans have limited API access so that’s probably why you can’t use them in this scenario. Does the script actually create an object? Can you just copy/paste that object to your area plan? My point is that it will be much easier to use the graph/nodes as intended with a floor plan and then try to move that information to your area plan.

Turns out Path of Travel lines CAN be copied from a Floor Plan to an Area Plan. I guess that’s as good as it will get for now. Once the lines are copied they can be manipulated and re-calculated there. As long as distances don’t change TOO much between exits there should not be a great need to re-run the Player script.

All of this can be written into your graph. Have Dynamo create a floor plan to run the calculation, copy the travel path to your area plan, the delete the path and area plan.

Per @Nick_Boyts’ recommendation I made a graph that creates the annotation in a floor plan, copies it to the area plan, and deletes the original from the floor plan. Also has the ability to be run through Dynamo Player.PathOfTravel_LongestOfShortestExitPaths.dyn (88.3 KB)