Shortest Route - Pathfinding

Having downloaded the Fire Exit Risk Assessment model and script and ran it, it failed to work, yet works in the video (what a surprise). The message below has occurred, yet did not occur in the video. How do l get past this hurdle?

It looks like the graph in the video is using an earlier version of Dynamo while you are using Dynamo 2.x, so it might just be a version issue. Has the custom nodes been updated to 2.0? Also try recreating it in a new graph in 2.0.

I thought what you have said.

This is why Dynamo is so fickle and unreliable. One day a script works, next it doesn’t.

@Gcf_Design Dynamo 2.0 is a major release, with some pretty big changes.

Have a look at @Racel post here for a bit more info. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m having the same problem.

Do someone found a solution or a substitute to curves.shortestpath node?

If you update your Dynamo and Lunchbox package they work fine - I use this once a week on average.

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Hi Jacob,
The LunchBox seems not updated at the moment, so this script doesn’t work. Is there any alternative way to achieve this?

I’d move over to the native path of travel tool as it’s much more robust and generally more capable.

You can also build the code from source on the ‘last’ version of their package here: provingground-io / lunchbox-for-dynamo — Bitbucket.

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Thank you Jacob!
However I am new to Dynamo, may I ask how to ‘build the code on last version’ as you mentioned?

It’s not really just a ‘dynamo’ exercise due to how the nodes were built. You’ll have to follow the instructions at the link above.

Hello there!

I currently face a similar issue. As this is my first approach on the whole Dynamo thing at all i was overwhelmed by the script given in the video. I also did not get it to work after updating lunchbox and all. Everytime i pick a level it says null, likewise for the Objects.

However i started an approach on my own but now I am kind of stuck, maybe somebody knows a simple solution, that I am not able to find for myself.

This is how far I’ve come:

This Script lets me pick the exit doors and the doors (pointwise) by hand. For a start I would be happy for that. Now i created the pathoftravels from each start point to each of the exits. All of them are being displayed fine. I tried to set the Lacing in the pathoftravel command to shortest or longest but that would not get me the expected results. So i went with Cross Product to see all of them and filter them after.

What I am now failing to do is:

Group the pathoftravels by the room they start in, sort them by lenghts and delete all of them except the shortest path.

In my currently yet to be smart imagination within Dynamo i have tried everything i could think of so far. If anybody could help me out on this one that would be amazing.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards