Hello Pros,

I’m trying to use the path-of-travel for a huge project, but to find the path between a family/instance (fire hose cabinet) and a room/list of rooms.

i’ve tried to locate the points but with no luck.

i was wondering if the path of travel node in dynamo is using points to locate the path of travel, why it is not working if I try to add location of a family/instance in the model?

and if it is possible, did anyone update a script to find path of travel between instances and rooms or other families?

please tell me if you need any info in order to make my request more clear.

@sahawneh_majdi First of all, welcome to the community.
Adding a snip of what u trying to do is going to be helpful in understanding where u getting stuck

@bharat.minocha thanks for your reply.
please find a snip.

since I am new, i’m unable to upload the dynamo script

Any chance the point of the fire extinguisher cabinet is inside a wall, or touching a wall or the cabinet?

If so you’ll need to get a different point to start from, as the path of travel won’t find it’s way out from the solids in question.

Hello Boss @jacob.small

good to hear from you again. and thanks for your input

actually it worked just by changing the views node, and i don’t know why :slight_smile:

Now i can calculate path of travel for any mechanical equipment with any room or other mechanical equipment. which very coool.

successful attempt.

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