Matching a Model Line to Topography

Hi all,

I am somewhat new to using Dynamo, and have limited experience in Visual Programming. But I have been attempting to implement it in some of my projects.

I have a project on a rather tricky site, and need to create a fence comprised of complex panels which are created from adaptive Components.

The next step is to get the panel to match the topography on site. I am drawing a model line in Revit and breaking it down into points in Dynamo. The objective is to translate those points Z axis to match that of the topography above so a curve that hugs the topography can be created, split, and then translated into the fencing panels.

Below is what I have so far, have I started in the right direction? I am stumped when it comes to matching the pre-existing curve to the topography… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I understand this could be done in Revit using, but none of the available options can recreate the abstract geometry that we are after.

Hi Morgan,

I think that you will find the below links very helpful:



Thanks a lot, these are exactly what I am looking for.