Hosting Generic Model on Topography

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This is a project I am working on and I can’t seem to find a solution.
The problem is I have an element in the shape of a trapezium. I want to attach the base of this Trapezium with the Topography, while the top is constrained at a level.

If I try to project this on the topography then I am changing my slope. Thus, I seem to have reached a dead end.

Topo of Revit behaves different from other elements because it’s mesh geometry not solid.
If you can make the elements as adaptive family, you can make them follow the topo.
Here is an old post about it.

And attached image is the way to get polysurface from topo.


Thank you Hyunu_Kim.

I read about hosting railings on the toposurface. The interesting part about that is it consists of two adaptive points and are always perpendicular to horizontal surface. Now, we have two different scenarios arising out of this.

  1. If a solid element which is not dependent on two points but the whole surface and wants to take the shape of the topography, In that case how to proceed.
  2. If the solid must be hosted at an angle, how should we proceed?

I know this is too much to ask. So, if you have any idea about how to proceed with this let me know.

Thank you once again.
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Saqib Qamar

  1. There are some options you can choose. You can separate the element as several parts or just generate geometry as one in Dynamo and import it to your project as a family instance.
  2. You can make generated element to follow topo slope or any angle you want.(by AC or any geometry by Dynamo.
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Thank you again. I will try somethings and let you know.

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