Moving walls to the top of topography

I’ve built many walls on a site view and when the topography was created, I wanted to host the walls on top of the flowing topography. I tried using different offsets but the walls stay choppy, so I was hoping a dynamo package could help with this. (I saw that on Revit 2018 this host feature is available for railings.) If anybody knows a dynamo chain that could be applied for this that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

You should find what you need to get started with workflows related to railings or fences on topography.

Or maybe this?


Thank you both for your quick responses. The hardscape on topography is what I was trying to do, however when I use that code I get all types of errors. I’m also getting null at the curveElement.Curve, which is at the beginning of the script. help

I started using Dynamo just recently so I’m obviously not very good at it yet…

I was also confused why the tutorial had a different script in the walkthrough than in the pictures. I tried them both but still no luck.

You are lucky enough to have a direct access to the advice of the author himself :slight_smile:

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Jostein, I’ve been reading a bunch of your stuff and you’re a genius! Which would you recommend? I’m trying to take a bunch of modeled walls and put them on top of the topography, sloping with it like you showed in the video. Do I need to change the wall family to make it compatible with the Dynamo script?

Haha, I’m quite sure that I’m not a genius! :slight_smile: Anyways, for simplicity, I would have made the walls so that they go beyond the topo. Then create a solid representation of the topo as shown above, import it with FamilyInstance.ByGeometry in spring nodes and cut your walls with the imported solid. Would have shown you in detail, if I had a PC nearby, but you’ll manage!


That’s a great idea, thanks! I’m Still struggling to figure out why this is happening…

Any help is much appreciated!

can u send the final working script plz i really need one