Make a Dynamo Script a Feature of Revit

Hi, Perhaps you can point me in the right direction. I have developed a good workflow that I use for mapping some parameters to generic adaptive components that has been really useful to myself and a couple of other people in the office. The only problem that im running into is that the workflow requires people to launch and run the dynamo script and i keep getting people asking why something is not right only to go check their machine and they are inevitably not running the dynamo script which is re mapping things properly. Opening the dynamo file quickly solves the problem. Here’s the thing. I’m worried someone is going to do this and send out inaccurate information. I don’t have the time to check all of their files and run the script. Is there a quick and easy way to bake the process into revit so they don’t have to worry about dynamo. Dynamo also seems to be scaring a couple of people who now refer to it as the Octopus. Any ideas on how I can help bring the functionality of my dynamo script to them without having to teach them dynamo and what is going on?

Steven, I have yet to see a good answer for this question. It seems to come up quite regularly. Actually, I think if you look back at my posts you will find a similar question. I was looking for a Dynamo to Macro or Revit Addon process. Basically, in order to do that someone would need to re write the dynamo code using the API for a macro or plugin. Another solution, I have tested a little is Dyno-Browser. Check it out and see if it is less intimidating for your users. You also may consider publishing nodes that collapse some of the mayhem (I like seeing what’s going on, but some users find it intimidating). Other opinions?

Thanks Timon, I will collapse most of it down into a custom node so it doesn’t look too intimidating. Good advice. I wonder how hard it would be to learn to rewrite a simple script in the API. I would settle for just a way to automatically launch and open a dynamo file. Maybe just a little batch process that launches both the files, I don’t know.

This has some limits in terms of input. Frankly, just get your coworkers comfortable with Dynamo and spend some time on cleanup and documentation. You’ll thank yourself later.

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