Dynamo Revit - Basic question about using it as a normal "revit worker"



I’m new to Dynamo and have a really simple question. If I as a BIM developer create scripts for the purpose to make the “drawers” in the Company work faster and easier, how will they be able to use it? Is it through the Dynamo Player or can the scripts be implemented straight in to Revit? Does all the workers need to have Dynamo installed?



Of course you can.

They would access those script throught the Dynamo player, They dont need the exact same version as you but it is preferable, as long as you test your scripts you’ll be fine. They do, however, need the same packages as you. There is plenty of threads regarding how to set up a single package folder for your firm, or you explode everything and work with the out of the box.

Those scripts can’t be implimented directly in revit, to my knowledge, you would need the Revit Python Shell to do that, wich is all python, or to write them as macros.

I call them modelers :stuck_out_tongue:


Those who actually do stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also same version fo Dynamo for each version of Revit is recommended, and often a necessity (sometimes scripting methods change and nodes stop working as a result).