Rotate panel quad random (Lunchbox)


Is there away to rotate 90 degrees the pattern generated from lunchbox’s panel quad random node? At this moment the continuous curves run horizontally and I would like to rotate them to run vertically. I tried list transpose, but that didn’t work.


Try swapping the u and v values innthe initial panel.quadrandom node.


I tried swapping the UV values using the UV.swap node, however that nodes spits uv values, while the panel.quadrandom node requires an integer in the UV ports.


Try changing the coordinate system of the surface?


I tried changing the coordinate system but that didn’t work. I’m probably using the wrong nodes.


You don’t need to do anything other than swap the U input for the V input.


Your example shows that the V lines remains continuous regardless if you change the value.

What I’m trying to achieve is to make the U lines continuous. Or better said, to be able to control whether I want to V or U to be continuous lines.


Looks like you have to rotate the coordinate system before creating the surface.

Not sure if you can rotate geometry’s CS after it’s been created.


It took a bit of heavy lifting but I think I have a solution. I created a new surface, and rotated it. On that surface I used the panel quad random node. Then I used the intersect all node to place the rotated pattern on the intended surface. This is not the most efficient solution though. Ideally you would want to just rotate the UV on a surface.


Ah! I thought you were trying to adjust the panel aspect ratio when I answered before. The node you seek is called Surfaces.TransposeSurfaceUV in the lunchbox package. This will swap the U axis for the V axis and the V axis for the U axis, effectively rotating the red arrows in your sketch.


That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank!!