Lunchbox for Dynamo installs, but won't show up on my toolbar/library

I have installed/uninstalled/installed (repeat 700 times) the Lunchbox package. Although it says it’s installed, my script won’t read it & it doesn’t show up under my toolbar. Suggestions?

Hi @cwilliams

Try right clicking dll file and do the below changes.

I saw this as a solution in a previous thread, but I must be blind because I do not see this as an option.

Am I not installing it correctly? This is the only package I’m having problems with.

Thank you!

What version of Revit / Dynamo?

Revit 2016 & Dynamo 1.2.1

is there a version of lunchbox for 2016? Or only 2017?

@cwilliams Could you please cross check your dll file location. Your first image error shows your importing dll from S drive. Go to the path of S drive and right click dll file-> properties.

It’s the Revit version. Try downloading an older version

Still isn’t letting me unblock.

I downloaded a version from 9/30/2016 & it still won’t “work”. Maybe I need to go back to 2015.

Yes, unfortunately you’ll have to go through til you find the one that works.

@cwilliams Could you show your packages paths location?

I was able to download a version from 1.2015 which now shows up in my toolbar. However, it’s still giving me the error in the script, even though it’s referencing the location. Also, when I click on the “bin” folder, the .dll isn’t in there, but then how can it be loaded?

Under “installed packages” I clicked on LunchBox for Dynamo & clicked “show root directory” which is what is in the clip above.

I continually get this error when installing from my server.

Try Changing the path to C:\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Version…

Sorry Kulkul, I’m a bit new to this. I don’t understand what path to change. The path under settings > manage node & package paths or the node itself?

@cwilliams The path under settings > manage node & package paths

I had the same problem, I open a file where I used Lunchbox, but one day the nodes just disappear
but the thing is now you have to download an installer from LUNCHBOX website is free and you have to install the version for DYNAMO.