Lunchbox package for revit 2021

Can somebody help how i can Get Lunchbox Package for Dynamo for revit 2021


Please use the Package Manager. Directly in Dynamo.

or use

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Thanks alot Marcel

Hi all, it seems that lunchbox package is no longer available for Dynamo, at leat it is what they say in their website: (I attach link below),Dynamo%20versions%20of%20this%20tool.


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Does anyone have an install exe for the older versions?

LunchBox for Dynamo.rvt (1.3 MB)

change the file type to *.rar and unrar it. That’s the version installed with the exe provided by Nathan.

I tried to open the files from bitbucket, but couldn’t find the ProvingGround.Dyn.Utils.dll and ProvingGround.ExcelInterop.dll. These dll files are in the Dynamo package, but I was not able to compile it


Has anyone installed LunchBox in Revit 2019 or latest?

@C.Gianluca see @Thomas3 post above, downloading that rvt, changing it to be a .rar, using 7zip or WinRAR to unzip it and than place the the Folder inside subfolder called LunchBox for Dynamo in to C:/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Dynamo/Dynamo Revit/2.X/Packages.

Note* they stopped work on these nodes and they may not work in future Dynamo/Revit Builds, so you may have to open and edit the nodes to learn how to build the ones you need in future builds if someone else doesn’t take up the effort. Most is python which may just need a few tweaks for the in and outs for dynamo syntax changes and after a point the change from python 2.x to 3.x image

@smichaudN26PG thanks for the quick and clear answer. At the end it is working. I wasn’t able to make it work because I made confusion with the one downloaded from the providing ground website link and the one from @Thomas3 post up here.

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how come mine says the file is damaged?

Could be a corona mass ejection from the sun that changed a bit in the code from 0 to 1, while downloading.

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