Logic Help - Wall Rating to Door Rating

I am trying to write a script to link my door rating to my wall rating in Revit. For example, if my wall is rated “1 HOUR” then my door will read “45 MIN”. Right now, I have figured out how to make this logic work for only two outcomes using an IF statement. I would like to be able to add in further logic to this script:

“NON-RATED” = “- -”
“1/2 HOUR” = “20 MIN”
“1 HOUR” = “45 MIN”
“2 HOUR” = “90 MIN”

current script attached with imagebcgruendl_logic_test DP - Door Rating = Wall Rating.dyn (6.3 KB)

Try a dictionary
This is basically a list with its corresponding values.
There are some node for pre-dynamo 2.0 i think

Marcel_Rijsmus, thanks for this awesome link. It has some amazing explanations. It would still be really helpful to see the final script though…

bcgruendl: Did you figure this out?