Compare Doors and Wall Rating with Check (Excel)

Working on a script (with lots of help from here), that collects the door marks, door ratings and wall ratings, puts them in a list and then exports to an excel file.

I want add a check for the door and wall rating to see if they match a list/chart (building code), either in Dynamo and add it to the excel spreadsheet or a formula that exports and updates in excel.

Example Chart:
(Door = 20 & Wall = 30) = OK
(Door = 45 & Wall = 45) = OK
(Door = 45 & Wall = 60) = OK
(Door = 60 & Wall = 90) = OK, etc.
But it doesn’t match the list the display “CHECK”

Tired creating a long IF AND statement but wasn’t able to get to export in the exported excel spreadsheet.



@wtlr You can apply a nested if condition in a Code Block to get your job done like this:


Excellent, Thank you.