Loft_Sweep_Extrude by guide

Hello !
I’m trying to model a bridge, the function Polysurface_byloftguide works well , but it gives me just a polysurface , i’m looking for getting a solid form. I tried the function solid by loft but it doesn’t work , do you any idea how can i do this ? Thanks for your answers or propositions.

Hi Emma,

the way I would to it is I would get the surfaces that close the geometry (by lofting curves) and then I would make a list of all the surfaces and use the Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces node.

if you upload your dyn file I can show you.

Hi Mostapha,

I can send it to you , pass your Gmail.

Done !

A little extension to a reply to a similar query by you here

File: TubeLoft.dyn


Thank you all !