Solid by Loft false result

can someone please tell me where is the Problem?
Solid by Loft won’t create solid using polycurves as sections. It creates random surface!

Workflow and result attached!

Maybe using Solid.ByLoft, the one that takes two inputs, crossSections and guideCurves, could fix this issue.

A simple way, to create the Guide Curve:
After creating the polycurves, use Polygon.Center to get center points, then use PolyCurve.ByPoints to create the guide curve.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I have also tried to bypass it by sorting lines to create surfaces and use Polysurface.ByJoinedSurface Node, but it also doesn’t do what I’ve intended. (#1)

Picture 2: It was workaround by creating surfaces, then using their centerpoints as guide curves. Solution with nurbsCurve as guide gives strange result.
Picture 3: When using PolyCruve.ByPoints then guide curve is not created as it should be.

After creating Screenshot I have tried with Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces, also no luck.

Sample files are atttached.

Loft_Dynamo.rfa (2.9 MB) Input_Project_Point_Data.xlsx (10.3 KB) RVT_Loft_on_Alignment.dyn (129.2 KB)

Well, believe it or not, Geometry Scaling was the issue; I changed Settings > Geometry Scaling > Large
and the nodes started to behave!:grinning:

Wow… It works!! Thank you very much!!
Should this issue be reported or something? I mean, it is strange behaviour, have never heard or read about such problems.