Cant form surface by loft or surface by patch not working

hello all I have a surface by patch problem that I cant figure out. I have a single closed poly curve and surface by patch creates a weird “looping” shape that has nothing to do with my closed loop. I have had success with this shape by using the polysurface.byloft in the past but on this set of curves it is breaking down. I have tried reversing the direction of one of the curves even though I know they are in the same direction, and I tried reversing the order of the curves in the list before I lofted them. Nothing works. Judging by the surface by patch results I am guessing there is some sort of problem with my polycurves but I have no idea what it can be at this point the poly curves look like they should create a surface pretty easily but its not. Can anyone see what i am doing wrong? or suggest a new node that I maybe not have yet? Thanks so much! Here is my graph:

The surface looks like this:

But if I do another pair of polycurves that are extremely similar neither one of these nodes has a problem.

So what gives? What am I doing wrong? please advise. Thanks!

Personally I would need the data set to know.

here you go! first row is x of the first line, then y then z forth row is x of the second line that pairs with the first line. similarly rows 7-9 is a line that pairs with rows 10-12. X is always the first row, then Y then Z. Please let me know what you find. I am using dynamo 1.3.4 still. thanks!
DYNAMO export…xlsx (9.8 KB)

Let me know if you need anything else. I also tried joining a solid that I was able to get with the two lines in question that is rectangular in nature and explode the surfaces to take the surface that I needed which was perfect for this problem and then join everything together into one solid but that didnt work either. Apparently you cannot join polysurfaces into a solid if some of the poly surfaces are “inside” the solid, or are have any duplicate surfaces. So i am still struggling to find any work around too!

Do you have the relevant portion of the dyn as well? I’ll try and have a look next week if so (not using the work laptop on the holiday weekend).