Lock Assembly 3D Ortho View and add tags?

Hi all,

I prepared a simple script to create Ortho views for a bunch of assemblies and now wish to add Tags along with leaders to the views. Can we add Tags and leaders to a 3D view? If no, how to lock these views? I haven’t found much information on how to achieve this. Attached below is the script I’ve prepared so far. Any help is very much appreciated

Any thoughts? Anyone?

Try the “3DView Lock or Unlock” nod from GeniusLoci

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Thankyou so much!

Also, is there a way i can add multiple category tags along with leaders to these locked 3D views? I want to make it look something like this

do you want to say tags?
I did not understand leaders

Yes tags! Leaders are just the arrows i believe. The script i’m working on is attached below

I’m using a node called Create.independent Tag from Genius Loci. However it looks as if it works but i’m not getting what i’m looking for. All my assembly views that i created from my previous script are still the same. Not sure where the tags exactly are placed.

You tag pipes in 3D assemblies, all created views will be in assembly
It must be done differently, here is how to start

Add the Transaction.End node to your graph after the 3DView lock node and it should work.

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Hi, Thankyou so much for your reply. Your script totally makes sense!

However, I’m running into a problem. My “Curve.PointAtParameter” node gives an error as i guess my geometry input list to the node contains multiple elements containing Pipes, Pipes Fittings & Valves and the node cannot convert the non-convertible types.

Is there a way to filter only Pipes from the list? Also, if i need to tag the rest of the elements such as Pipe Fittings and Valves what node should i use instead of “Curve.PointatParameter”? Will this script also create Leaders (Arrows)? If not, whats the best way to achieve it?

UPDATE: I was able to filter “Pipes” element from the rest of the elements in the list which cleared the “Curve.PointatParameter” error, however i’m still not able to create tags. The error that the “Create.IndependentTag” gives is Objects were inserted instead of Elements.

the number of elements must have the same number as the number of points, your filter does not allow that
here is a solution to work around