Tagging in 3D view

I was trying to find a way to be able to tag in a 3D view using dynamo. I have script that runs fine when in plan view but 3D view it gives error stating annotation tags can not be placed in view.

is the 3D view locked? you can only tag in 3d views if it is locked

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Yes it is locked

can you post your DYN and annotation family please? it will be easier for those that can help out. also what version of revit and dynamo.

Hi Jacob,

It is possible to tag in a 3D view if you lock it :

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I created the exact script you have there and trying to use it on pipe and it is giving attribute error “line object has no attribute toxyz”

Sounds like you need to get a point from your line. Try Curve.PointAtParameter.

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As @Nick_Boyts wrote it, you need points to create tags.

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That worked. Thanks