Tag by Element not working in locked 3D view


I am trying to tag all rebar in a locked 3D view but am getting an error saying “View does not support annotations” . When I manually tag all within revit, the elements get tagged so I know that the elements can be tagged. Whilst I know I can use the tag all elements feature within Revit to tag everything I want to be able to filter out elements using dynamo and only tag a selection of elements.

Any idea why this may not be working properly?


Are you definitely in a 3D view and not a perspective?


I believe so Paul


Hi Brett,
I have the exact same issue, and I was wondering if you had been able to solve your problem?


Well it looks like I also got here, can i hope in any update about this tread?


Can you post what you’re stuck on?


I have the same problem, does the 3d view not support tag using dynamo?


+1. Same problem.