Load Family Document from DanEDU/Orchid

so what you do is, open the family documents into memory, and do whatever you need. Then you reload the families into the same document once again. for that purpose, I can see I should remake the node.

BUT… Your graph could be simplified very highly, you should reconsider your entire graph. Unfordenetly have you only uploaded the image and not the dyn file, so I cant simplify your graph for you.

I have updated my package at https://github.com/erfajo/OrchidForDynamo -> version 130.1.0

File Fam LoadFamily (3 nodes).dyn (14.0 KB)


I’ve tried many times to down the Orchid package from GitHub. When trying to do it nativity inside dynamo only version 0.0.1 is available. Even tried the DanEDU one knowing that it is outdated. Downloading, copy & paste, new search path nothing is working. I still just get the Install or Update Orchid node inside my dynamo.
Using Dynamo 2.0.

That’s unfortunately how it is. I am not returning to the package manager site before it includes a GitHub solution. There are also other packages which has chosen this solution, and if you want those packages as well, you need to be able to solve installing from Github.


Thanks for all your great work, my folders often contain sub-folders which I don’t want to load E.G. superceded folders or sub-family folders. However when I run the Directory.ContentsAll with false, it still loads those sub folders. I would be very grateful if there was a way of not including them.



I dont understand it… it works fine at me

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Thanks for the response, on a local path, you’re right, it works fine.

It seems that the fail is over my network, is that the same for you?



nop… that works also…

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very odd, must be something particular to my setup / network, thanks for checking

@erfajo how do i get the Orchid as a package on my computer?


Look at erfajo’s Profile.


All information concerning the Orchid package is located at Github, this goes for the executable installer of the package and for all issues as well. The DanEDU package is deprecated and is not supported anymore!


Any suggestions you to update my families with shared parameters. Batch update?

@erfajo, thanks for explaining this. I was wondering how to use the string inputs. I’m glad that I found this post :slight_smile:

Just one question: can I somehow see how your nodes are made up? I was looking for “edit custom node”, and trying to find the code behind it, but there was no such option. Is there a way that i can study how you made this?

The coding behind is zero touch so no that you cannot, what is available is on Eriks github :slight_smile:

@Jonathan.Olesen thank you.
What do you mean by “zero touch”?
I found his Github page so thank you for that.

Have a look at either his Profile here at the forum… Stating everything you need to know… (I do not believe you can find the source code there, but there might be an example or two) :slight_smile:

A “Zero-Touch” is a package that is coded in C# and compiled to a .dll so the coding behind cannot be accessed… To protect the Author.
Try and read this chapter in the Primer:



As @Jonathan.Olesen writes, my source code is not open and available anymore. I have seen my work being copied and released in other packages and in most cases without proper copyright and acknowledgment. Worst is that I keep maintaining my code while copycats don’t! This means that inefficient methods/nodes are floating around. The only way I could stop this was to change to the .Net environment and keep the source code in-house.

The way you can use my software is that you freely can use my nodes as you please, even inside custom nodes and release this as you please in the same manner as you can do it with the OOTB nodes.


Do you have a load family node for documents that are already open in the background? In my head it would look just like your File.LoadFamily but be feeding an open background document into it.


Erik doesn’t come on here any more, but he regularly responds on his Github… https://github.com/erfajo/OrchidForDynamo/issues

I understand that you can get open documents by name using Open and Activate (if it is already open it just switches them) so might be possible!

Hope that helps,


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Thanks man. I hit him up on git hub already :slight_smile:

I cant quite figure it out but I think combing a couple of nodes python here could do it.

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