List Sequence - Assign Sequence Number to a shared parameter type number

I have created an annotation family for my Drawing Keynotes. It has 3 main parameters: Note Number, Note Text, and Sheet Name.

I have a dynamo graph that uses Element.OwnerView to find in which sheet the annotation family is being shown. The graph assigns the Sheet Name value in the Annotation Family.

In Revit, I create block schedules for the annotation family. I use the Sheet Name parameter in the filter so I can place the schedule on the sheet that corresponds.

It all works great; however, I have a new challenge. Automating Note Number parameter which is the position of the keynote in the schedule. I want dynamo to reorganize my schedules to make sure I don’t skip numbers by human error.

Dynamo should create a list of the Annotation Family. If Sheet Name is the same then it creates a list; it will assign a number value to Note Number for each keynote in the list. If Note Text is repeated then it gets the same Note Number value.

Could someone please help out to finish this idea?

I’m sharing my family and my graph. My graph is a little clustered because I have been trying different methods, I am close but I need help!

Thanks in advance!

KeyNotes - Counter 3.dyn (56.8 KB)

Sort and GroupByKey are all you really need here. Then you can create a sequence based on your groupings.

Out of curiosity, why are you not just using builtin keynotes?

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@Nick_Boyts, I tried using GroupByKey but I got stock. if you open my graph youll see it :frowning:

Builtin keynotes need to be hosted to elements (which could be not very user-friendly for MEP) and are also sensitive to changes. I think they still have bugs that have not being resolved yet (even when revit claims to have fixed them in the newer versions)

Could you please take a look at my progress?

Can you post an image of your graph? We would need an RVT to replicate your work. I’m guessing you just need to use list levels with GroupByKey.

Can you give examples of what these are? Just curious.

Keynotes disappear, sometimes from the floor plans and sometimes from the schedules.

Here are a couple of issues that have been addressed to Revit. It is still happening :frowning:

What Revit build are you in?

I build my families in Revit 2018.3.2 and we also have 2019 for newer projects. I know our problems will be solved at some point, but we just cannot afford to spend too many hours fixing keynotes in projects with more than 300 sheets.

I’m not seeing a Revit project file.

@Nick_Boyts Here, let me know if you have issues opening it

What version of Dynamo are you using? I can’t open you dyn.

the dynamo version is 2.0

Once you group by sheet you need to group by note, but use list levels to keep your groups in tact.

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So I think I am one step away from getting it done. I made a video with my problem.

Can you please take a look?
also, here is my new graph

The video doesn’t play. An image would be a lot simpler…

Schedule for E-002 should show a sequence of 1, 2, and 3, because text is different every instance.

Schedule for E-003 should show a sequence of 1 and 2 because text repeats at least once as shown.

Also, everytime I run my graph the values change.

it would have been nice if my video worked. Please try this:

Let me know if the video works… Thank you very much in advance @Nick_Boyts

Can you show how you’re assigning these parameter values? I can tell by the little portion that’s visible that your list structure is off because you’ve set a value for the same element multiple times.

Part 1:

Part 2:

You need to group the elements in the same way that you’re grouping the values. Right now you’re trying to write the values back to your original list.

Cant do it - I cannot see where I am wrong :frowning: