Sequence Number of Elements

I am trying to create sequence number to site category elements.

It works when I use “Comments” but doesn’t when I change it to the shared parameter that I want to. Already tried changing shared parameters in family, tags and project to make sure they have the same spelling. Please help. :frowning:

What does the yellow error say?

Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. The parameter’s storage type is not a string.

what is the type of the parameter “CET-Reta …etc” ?? integer , string … etc??

It’s an Integer in Revit.

Then Dynamo is just saying to you that you are trying to write a string in a ineteger parameter. Change the value of the parameter so it becomes an int rather than a string (i.e “n°896” becomes 896 the number)).

Guess you just answered your own question :wink:

Well… That was stupid of me. Thanks for the help. :smile: