Schedule Sequential Numbers

This graph will find the ‘Sheet Number’ location of families placed in views. Once the location is found then it assigns the data into a shared parameter called “Sheet Name”.

(Please see image) I would like to be able to divide the list by common Sheet Number, then schedule the list sequence for each. Could someone help? Thanks!

KeyNotes - Counter.dyn (17.6 KB)



Try this.

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@Durmus_Cesur I was able to divide my List! Thank you!! Could you help me scheduling their sequence numbers?

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Is that what you want to do?

@Durmus_Cesur, yes, that is what I wanted to do, but my main goal is to be able to schedule the sequence number. Also, Instead of starting from 0, the list should start from 1.


Starting from 0 or 1 of the lists created in Dynamo is not something we can choose.

You can program the string number as desired. Please continue your chart and feel free to ask for help when you encounter any problems.

@Durmus_Cesur, so far I am here:



Something like this will work.

It dont think this would work.

My intent was to divide the list. We accomplished that:

My final goal is to take the sequence number from the list from each group as I tried to show in this picture:

I think this is closer, now I have to assign the sequence number to a parameter that will get scheduled in Revit:


Try this?

The bottom part of your graph isn’t needed. Once you have your items split by sheet you just need to get the Count for each sublist and create a sequence for each one like you did.

I started my question wrong. What I actually wanted to do is here:

Thank you all for your help!