List.Creat coordinates not applying

I’ve been trying to create views (happens successfully) and insert them on sheets (also works well), the problem is the views are inserted with no coordinate reference, below is the result I get regardless of the points I choose.

Any help would be appreciated.

Both the TitleBLock Family are using the same units.

I’m assuming that the coordinate system for sheets are Y vertically and X Horizontally.
The Tool.PlaceViewsOnSheets node is a SteamNodes one.

Thanks you!

Is Dynamo set to run Automatically or Manually? If Manually, have you ran it again?
Also I notice that below the graph, the output dialog says “(…) Dynamo is not bound to the current active document”. I can’t tell if that’s still true since the rest of the output is cut off, but it might also impact the result you’re (not) getting.

If neither of those are the problem, try closing (after saving of course) Dynamo and starting it back up. I’ve noticed Dynamo is not always flawless in that regard…

As a side note, assuming you want both points to be the same, why not just input the same point twice for the List.Create ?

HI, first thanks for the help!
Dynamo is set to run manually, the message of dynamo is not bound is because after ruining the script I went and opened titleBlock family to check and see about the units, etc.

I will try to close Dynamo and restart my PC but I’ve been getting this result since yesterday.
I don’t want exactly the same point, I want to distribute the 3 views on the same level. so 3 different point of insertion, but regardless of the coordinates I choose the result is as in the picture above.

I want to understand the coordinates better, maybe I should be using the Z coordinate and not the Y for the height.

Thanks again!

As an alternative you can try this

Hi, thanks for your help. What would be the template sheet in that case? A titleblock?

a sheet with all views in the correct position.
Schedule might not cooperate, but i have seen code that will set schedules