Need Help about Creating Sheets with Placing Views (from Excel)

I’m trying to make an automation for sheet creation with placing views in to specified sheet. i tried to find an sample but i could not (also i have very little information about dynamo)
In the nodes; boolean, list.create and title block family nodes i think excess. i just tried them but nothing happened. i’m always getting below error:

Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews that takes arguments of type (__array,__array,__array,__array)

Actually if i can create this, i will add additional parameters to it. Additionally i don’t want to use a package because i cannot use this package in our office(installing restricted, we have so many pcs etc.).

Could you please help me ?

Sheet_deneme.xlsx (8.6 KB)
Sheet_deneme.dyn (13.9 KB)

From what I see and the error you written about, I guess the issue is the nested lists in the inputs to the last node. I think if you flatten the lists before passing them into the inputs it should work or simply do not use List.Create node.

Also, what you passed into the Views input are not actual views right? it wont work without views.

hi habdirad, i also tried for all 4 lists flatten, it’s not working. my main idea is, first get the view list with another dynamo after that add sheet name, number to it and create sheets with this one. in this trial, 2 views are available in the project.

You need to assign actual titleblock and views to the sheet creator node. The data extracted from the excel file do not automatically give you the views/titleblocks, you have to work with other nodes to extract/use them from the Revit databases.

In the image below, I created a legend view and placed it on both sheets, and the title block comes from the family types. The lacing for the last node is still “longest” to create multiple sheets eventhough we assigned 1 view and 1 titleblock.

Thanks. Title block is ok, most probably all of them will have same one but views is the problem. I need to place separate views to separate sheets. Manually only 1 view selection is working as you said.

You’re feeding it a string, but it needs a view.

None of those statements are valid reasons to avoid packages, but point to an IT team which doesn’t want to enable staff to be efficient. The problem isn’t with scope, scale or restrictions - the problem is with attitude.

Hi thank you then i need to find another solution to speed up the layout process. You’re right about the attitude.

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Not another solution, but you need to add an intermediate step.

First create the views, then create the sheets. :wink:

Thank you for the tip, actually i’m trying to create sheets for existing views. i made another dynamo to create excel list for existing views because generally we are not creating sheets at beginning of the project :slight_smile: . My plan was; first create the list for existing views, user will fill the sheet name and number, dynamo will create the sheets. i think i will do it manually again :slight_smile:

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Hi vburako,

I suggest you to check out the tutorials for automating sheet creation in the following link:

Have fun!


Thank you very much, i’ll check !