Place views on existing sheets

I am having a bit of trouble recreating this dynamo script, im hoping maybe you can advise me with what im doing wrong. I am recreating in hopes that i can place existing views on existing sheets at the same coordinates. I only need one view on one sheet, in a nutshell. Please take a look at my script as im sure im missing somthing or maybe this isnt even the right script that i should be using. If its not maybe you might know of one that could get me to my goal, or closer to it? Once the script is run nothing happens. Here is a snippet of the script once it run has been completed

Here is the list of existing sheets im trying to get the views on and the list of existing views im trying to place.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi @Bpenalba

Your points list is not matching with your views list. Use list.cycle to match with your views list.


Thanks for the help. I apologize I wasn’t able to reply sooner. I see what you are saying here, it totally makes sense. But I don’t know how I would make them all match. How would I know that the view I want is going to be placed on the sheet I want as well?

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.


I apologize for the earlier comment. Looks like I jumped the gun. I was able to match the views and sheets with a different filter for the name search and list cycle. But its still not working. Please take a look at my script. Any advice would help wonders.

Heres my script now


I gave the script another shot but still no luck. I put a list.cycle node for the point.bycoordinates node so all the lists give a number of 7 indices. Would you know what im doing wrong? Heres my script.

Any advice would help. Thanks

Gave it another shot, still to no avail. The placeviewsonexistingsheets node says that the views have been placed but they are not. Found out its because the placeviewsonexistingsheets node only reads the elements id number but i need the sheetname node and listsort node so that the views go to the correct sheet. Anyone know how i can derive a list of element id’s from the list.sort node connected to the sheetname node? Most recent script below

Dear sir,
i am having a bit of trouble in placing existing views on sheets, all the views are getting placed on first sheet kindly help, below is the attached file of the graph. thanks in advance

This attached file shows the resultCapture

Have you had any luck with this? I am attempting the same thing. Any advice would be much appreciated!

One thing that might help. Think about list.count of one list to get the amount you want to chop or cycle another list