Read and Write Parameters from a Linked Model - Please Help

Hi All,

Forum members have been very helpful thus far in my journey to learn Dynamo. One thing which I’m currently having trouble with is a Script to do the following:

  • I have a Arch Model, Linked into my MEP Model.
  • The Arch Model has a Parameter (Text), assigned to Arch Rooms. (They have a “Arch Special Code” there).
  • I need to Extract that Code from the Linked Model and assign it to my “MEP Special Code” Parameter which is assigned to my Spaces. (I’ll then be able to schedule this too…)

I really need help with this otherwise I would need to do this manually for 12000 Spaces.

I’ve read up a bit and seems like I require Grimshaw (Archi-Lab) and SteamNodes.

Here is an additional problem, this project is run on Revit 2015 and will not be updated in the nearby future, if ever, also I only have access (or am only allowed) to use Dynamo 0.9.1 on this project…

I’ve read that a possible solution might be to use the Get Document Node and then the Elements.GetfromLinkedFile Node.

I’ve only recently started using Packages and with my software restrictions on this project, things are becoming complicated. For some reason Grimshaw does show up in Dynamo 0.9.1 once installed, due to version limitations I suppose?

Please Guru’s:

Is there a way to simply get one parameter value from a linked model’s rooms and write that date back to my MEP spaces? (With or without packages considering what I mentioned above)?

This post from @T_Pover seems like a good starting point? An usable script would be amazing…

Thank you all in advance!

I flagged this post as inappropriate. Please show us some work, and don’t ask us to do all the work for you. Linking to work by others is great, but doesn’t advance your case here. Again, sample files, images, and a clear explanation of the issue at hand will go a long way.

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@RRZAR This is not the place to ask us to do your work. This is a help forum to ask for help with things that you cannot figure out on your own, but actually tried. Read the forum guidelines please

hi all,

i want to add the space numbers to the MEP elements which is coming within that space. i have added the shared parameter as “Room Number” in the MEP model and created the dynamo script like below. but when i run the script it is just running “Run started” and it is not finishing the process.!
could anyone help where i am dong the mistake.

my apology.

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