Problem finding rooms in linked models with revit server


I’m trying to get rooms from a linked revit model, but it doesn’t work. Is the problem related to the use of revit server? URL for links look like “RSN://__/____/.rvt”

As you can see, there are three linked models:


Try using the select model element node to select the link instance in the model. Also try switching to bimorphnodes’ or spring nodes’ equivalent of the element collector node where you input the link instance instead of the link doc.

I work with Revit Server on some of my projects, and I do not experience this issue

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As @andre.abotnes said, you need to use the Link Instance here. You can see from your screenshot that Dynamo cannot find the Link Docs on Revit Server (that’s why you’re getting nulls).

This is very embarrasing, but the problem was that the linked-in model was not loaded. Doh!

Thanks for help both of you! The tip about using the spring nodes helped me as the error message stated the linked model was not loaded.


Glad it worked out :slight_smile: