Level.ByElevationAndName creates levels with wrong height (deviations)


I ran into a strange problem. Thank you for every advice.

Actually i want to create levels + floor/ceiling plans automatically.
The input is read from an excel (levelname+levelheight).

Input values got Object.Type = System.Double

Level.ByElevationAndName convert the input (elevation) into another value (constant deviation of +31.55 in my case for all level heights).

As a result, the levels are at the wrong height. How can I prevent this?

String.ToNumber correctly converts the heights to Double values (changed the separator before).

Reassigning the heights with Element.SetParameterByName solved the problem.

However, it is still unclear to me why the input is not recognized correctly.

It’s due to your coordinate system. The node will create a level with the given elevation relative to the internal origin. If the coordinate system you’re using doesn’t match that it will be off. You found the solution though. Once the level has been created it will reference whatever Elevation Base you have set for the level type.

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