Levels by Name and Elevation- Only first and last levels are created

I am trying to create levels in revit file from excel inputs. Only first and last levels are being created. What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

@abhijeetraje Please share your dyn or a link

Create Levels from Excel.dyn (23.0 KB)
Sorry. Should have attached this too. Attaching now.

@abhijeetraje Can you upload the Excel file as well?

Hi @abhijeetraje

You need to convert to string name values. Currently your feeding as numbers.

String to number between the level by elevation and name node and the get parameter value by name node.

Edit: @Kulkul beat me to it.

Levels.xlsx (10.1 KB)
Here it is

Hey thanks… I checked this out and created levels without name which is happening. Only issue is to convert number to string. Is there a node for it?

@Kulkul Where do I get node Excel.readFromFile?

That’s the same node which your using the only difference is i showed you in Dynamo 1.3x version .


Create Levels from Excel - 2.dyn (81.7 KB)

Hey Thanks… got it. Get evth as string and then convert the levels to numbers…

OK. Got it.