Can't create levels from Excel!

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to create Levels by elevation and Names,
The names and elevation values come from excel file, but I just can’t find a way to create them.

The Funny this is that, if I create the same lists with the same values from a code block the node works perfectly.

Don’t Kown what could be wrong!!!
Please check the images.

Can anyone please help.

Revit 2016_r2, dynamo 1.3.0

This is a stings vs numbers issue by the look of it. Wire a Object.Type node into the excel data, watch it, and you’ll likely see everything says it is a System.String value. If so use a String.ToNumber node to convert the data to a number format, and use the Object.Type node to confirm the values change to System.Int32 (when whole numbers) or System.Double (when decimal values) data types.


Yes! It did solved the problem! :slight_smile: