Creating multiple levels using Level.ByElevation

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I am trying to create multiple levels in revit using Level.ByElevation. The input is a list of elevation values generated as a range (check the image). But all the Levels are being created on the same elevation value (check the revit window image) instead of having their respective elevation value.
Please help !

Tower_Basics3.dyn (63.3 KB)

Also, Revit is not numbering the levels in order when I increase or decrease the number of levels in dynamo instead, the number keeps adding up. What could be the reason?

Thank you

It is because the levels being created are all relative to 0, not to themselves. You will need to ADD the values to each other for every new level to get them to be higher and higher.


Thank you for your speedy reply!

I am following this tutorial on youtube: Dynamo Basics Training - Lesson 8 - YouTube

At 35:58 you can see him directly connecting the range values to the level.byelevation node and he gets the levels as intended.

Solved the problem !

A silly mistake from my side. the units in revit were set to millimeters instead of meters ! the levels were being created as intended but due to the mm units they were so close they seemed like they were overlapping !

Thank you very much for your time and patience !

once again sorry for taking your time for a small mistake !

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