Create Level with Dynamo in Revit 2014 by reading Elevation Values from Excel

Hello All,

I am new to dynamo and am trying to create levels from elevation values in an Excel sheet for a 72-level tower. There are a few problems that I run into:

  1. When I use create Level with Elevations and Names, I don’t know how to set up the text string to feed into the Names. I try setting up a string combining “Level” prefix and a numeric sequence but failed…

  2. When I use create Level with Elevations, somehow Dynamo is set in Meter… How do I set it so it understands the values input from Excel is actually in Inch?

I have attached a screen shot here to show the problem. Would love to hear any suggestion!


Assuming your using Dynamo 7.1, there are 4 nodes to create levels. You may want to try: Level.ByLevelOffsetAndName. I haven’t tried creating levels yet, if ‘offset’ doesn’t do what you need and you have to use Level.ByElevationAndName, you may need to look at this page and the Units section:



There is a Unit Conversion package you can download that may help.