Lacing between different inputs

I understand logic of the lacing, but now I’m stacked with 4 inputs node.
I want to change names of nested shared parameters of all families in the directory.
Here’s my plan:

  1. Copy value of defined shared parameters from all types of all families in the directory
  2. Create defined shared parameters for all families in this directory;
  3. Paste copied value to the new shared parameters
  4. Delete old ones.

Now I am stacked on the step 3. I can’t understand which levels and lacing should I use to fill parameters for batch of families. Can some of you give me a hint how to improve my workflow.

Batch replace shared parameters.dyn (50.1 KB)

Can you not divide the Parameters that you have 2 “SetParameterByNameAndValue”
you can can get 2 lists. Something like this:

@Draxl_Andreas, thank you. I’ve already done this step, but I have 100+ families, so would like to avoid any manual job.

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