Lacing, Parameter inputs and Lists

Good morning all,

I have a query of which I have no doubt has a very simple answer. I’ve created a dynamo file that inputs strings into parameters on Titlesheets. It functions perfectly fine on an individual basis.

However, when I try to create lists (That do correspond) I can’t take their outputs and directly input them into Element.SetParameterByName.

I’m assuming either my lacing is incorrect (Cross-Product on the Element.SetParameterByName node just inputs the last string into every field though) or I need to change the data format somehow (Arrays vs. String lists etc).

The first node below is individual and works fine. The second is where I have got to so far with my Lists - but it doesn’t work as of yet.

I’m still a bit ‘fresh’ to both Dynamo and Coding so any help would be much appreciated!!

Dynamo_Script_Sheet_Parameter_Replacement Dynamo_Script_Sheet_Parameter_Replacement2

your second picture is too small to read


Hopefully this one is legible? It’s readable on my screen.


You’ll want to use List.Combine to get this to work as you want to set all those parameters for each element in your list.


Ah, so simple! Thank you :slight_smile: