Lacing with list.create

Hello, I have what should be an easy lacing question for an experienced dynamo user. How do I set my lacing if I want to use a list. create node like this to collect and set a list of parameters, properly. Longest? Cross product doesnt seem to work.


I normally use List.Combine as that was the only option when I was using Dynamo 0.8

In your case I think is more a problem of rank of the lists that you are using. As in this example below SetParameterByName works even when the lacing is set to shortest:


I dont think I understand your graph, or what you are trying to tell me. Can you be a little more explicit please, or at least show a watch node after your list.combine node in your first picture. I dont think your second picture is relavent because my nodes clearly dont work when I do that.

Can you show a preview of your inputs for GetParameterValueByName?
As @mix said, a single element can take multiple parameters by default, but multiple elements looking at multiple parameters will require lacing.

The first graph shows how to set multiple parameters for multiple elements using ListCombine.

The second picture shows that SetParameterByName works (for 1 element) even when the lacing is set to shortest IF the input lists are consistent in terms of rank.

Your GetParameterbyName node it’s yellow which means that there is a problem. Could you show the output of that node?
How many elements are selecting in the Linked file? Because you are setting the parameter of one element only.

Ultimately I would like to select multiple elements, “in order” from the current model and then the corresponding elements “in order” from the linked model, but I dont know how to do that. I see that there is a select linked elements (ordered) node from springs, but none for the current model. Hence, I am trying to copy the parameters from one element in the linked model to the corresponding element in my model. but it is throwing out those errors, and it is copying the wrong parameters into the wrong parameters. I cant show you the error messages anymore because I changed my graph to this: because I knew how to do it this way, I was just trying to do it cleaner, but Im not getting the lacing to work.

Looks like it could be a list structure issue. Try putting Flatten after SelectLinkElements.

Its telling me its not a string, but I dont see why that should be an issue if its the same exact parameter

Are these shared parameters or did you have to create matching parameters in the active project?

@mix Try to use the node (string from object) between Element.GetParameterValueByName and Element.SetParameterByName.