Help with lacing and levels while adding shared parameters to N familys

Good afternoon guys.

I’m currently using @GavinCrump famous “add shared parameters to N familys” .dyn, ( Adicionar parâmetros compartilhados para N famílias.dyn (35.1 KB) , but for some reason, it’s failing to add the correct BIPGroup to the desired parameter, and keeps using the first one for every shared parameter that I add.

I’m assuming there’s something related to revit/dynamo version (he uses R2020/ D2.3, while i’m using R2019/D2.0.4, cause our client on this one will use R2019), but I assume there’s a workaround, maybe with loop node? (which i have no idea on how to use, sincerely, that thing is confusing). RN i’m just using a getItemAtIndex from 0 to N ( in this case, my N is 9) and using passthrough’s to insert one parameter after another, but doing this way is really messy, and everytime I need to put 1 more parameter, i have to directly alter the structure of my graph… AND I get an warning message everytime I use it with less than N parameters (but it still works…)

So, any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there! It seems that there have been changes and updates to the nodes I use in this script, mostly in relation to list levels. I avoid doing tutorials using Orchid these days as it is typically too advanced for most of my viewers and they don’t usually seem to know how to adjust levels and experiment with different outcomes.

Not criticizing the viewers here, but just appreciating that YouTube is a very general audience. I may do a course on Orchid later on on my platform where I can update my content and replace it, as if packages change my YouTube content becomes incorrect and leads to heaps of questions and issues. I had a similar challenge with my navisworks video - almost half the comments are about a changed node in Genius Loci that only needs one adjustment to account for. I could remove the videos but then I remove the views as well as any chance of me appearing in the algorithm (which I don’t anyway!).


I’ve attached my current working version of the script in Revit 2020. I don’t have 2019 installed anymore so can’t test there specifically, but assuming erfajo is keeping his package behaviours consistent between builds it should hopefully be workable in older builds too. It will always generate errors on the add parameter node, but seems to work otherwise.

Add params batch.dyn (60.0 KB)


Hi! Thanks for taking your time to answer this one. Looks like i was using an older node, now this works perfectly. But I still can’t get why the levels were working like that… At my understanding, if it was failing to add the correct BIPgroup, it would fail also to add the correct parameters (at least not adding them all and/or repeating some).

As you said, you YouTube audience is very general, but if I can say anything, don’t ever take these videos down, no matter how outdated they get, because the logic you build behind them is much more valuable than the graph, I think. I personally recomend your channel to anyone who come’s to me asking about dynamo and visual programming in general, regardless of the experience that the person has… And it always show very good results!

I’ve been using Dynamo for almost 1.5 years by now, and I can guarantee you that 80% of my learning came from you, so keep up with the good work, the community (and im sure i can talk for them here) REALLY appreciate it.

Best regards from Brazil!

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Thanks for the kind words, and I’m glad the script worked for you as well! Levels and orchid dont always seem that intuitive, possibly due to the data structure each node ‘expects’ - not always clear to the user.

I shall keep my videos up as long as people find them useful, so they’ll always be there I’d say :slight_smile:

Keep up the learning journey, and glad the channel has been of help, especially over the other side of the world in Brazil!

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