Lacing to set type parameters

Lacing has always been a trouble for me, but i believe solution to this problem is simple.

I’m trying to set multiple parameters of multiple family type, like four parameters, listed in list two (d, bf, tw, tf), of family type at index 0 (list one), must set to value (in list 3) repectively, but i can’t figure out how the lacing and levels should be set. Working on this for hours and it’s driving me nuts, or there’s no way to success with this approach and workaround must be taken, Please point the way for me, thanks

When you have more than 2 input, using Cross Product Lacing might not work as we want.

The easiest solution is to have lists with the same number of elements, that means, in your case, instead of 6/4/24, to have 24/24/24. In this way, there is direct relationship 1:1.

To achieve that you can use List.OfRepeatedItems node. I made a fast test with 3 doors, 3 parameters and 9 values. The only issue is to duplicate correctly the item you want.

Once you have clear how this work, you can simplify the graph, for example, there’s no need to duplicate the first list, as long the 2nd and 3rd have equal length.