Labeling a large number of polysurface solids as Generic Models

I have a large group of solid panels that I’ve made from closed polycurves, used this to create a surface and then Surface.Thicken to create my panels. I’ve used ImportInstance.ByGeometries to bring in the panels to my Revit model.

They’ve all come in as “Import Symbol” and then have a random string for each one. This is fine and gets the job done, but I’m wondering -

Is there a way that I could bring these all in as a Generic Family and then let their type be the random string?. I’m mainly looking to associate more data with the individual units if possible.

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Not entirely sure I know what you mean, but have you tried the import functionality in spring nodes?

Hi Jostein,

I’ve been looking at the spring nodes import, it seems to describe what I’m trying to achieve, but I’d like all the units to come in as a individual family types rather than each as a family (for sanity’s sake - I don’t want to add +2500 new families into my model! But if they are family types, sub-categorized under a Generic model family, that would be fine). Is this what Spring Nodes does? I understood it differently…

No it doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. Have you considered building adaptive families as an alternative?

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Well you’ve definately got my approach nailed. Yes normally I would build an adaptive family for this and that was my original approach, however the panels I have created have various cutouts for conduit/structure/etc, meaning a number have circular/non-linear polycurve paths that I’d like to retain. I was hoping there would be an approach similar to the adaptive component where the family would be organized as a singular item with slight variances in the type. I don’t suppose theres an adaptive component family strategy for this?