Know the Orientation of Compound Walls (inside or outside)

Hi everybody,

I would like to know the Orientation of Compound Walls.
I tried to know this orientation with the room, but it’s not working all the time.

I thought I would use point_inside_poly from matplotlib, but install a python librairie is complicated.

Thank you for your help,

See if Wall.Orientation (Clockwork) gives the result you need

I used it.

When I change the orientation of compound walls, the sign change from positive to negative or negative to positive.

I have no way of knowing the position to the outside or to the inside.

Orientation compared to what? Rooms?

Wall.Orientation obviously gets the global orientation of a wall but if you need to compare that to a room you might have to try offsetting your wall curves to see if they end up inside a room or not.

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It could be coupled with the use of the vector given by the Wall.Orientation node. Information can easily be found through the search field on this topic, see for instance: