Wall ORIENTATION: how to get it?

  1. Please why Wall orientation node display null results here?
  2. Can we get the orientation Nord WS or ouest instead of the cordinnation of the wall Normal vector ?
    thank you! :slight_smile:
  1. Try Archi-lab package instead:

  1. N, S, E, W orientation is relative to where your north is. Try measuring an angle to North and you can work out the direction that way.

Still the same problem sir!! also “find Wall material Areas” display null results !! Why & what’s the solution please ?

Revit 2016 and Dynamo 0.9.2 is the last version that this was tested on. What versions are you on?

i have both 1.0 and 0.9.2 but i test this in 1.0

try 0.9.2 and report back. could be that its a bug in 1.0

Believe me!! stil the same problem (display Null) i use Revit 2016
May be i should precise the nord orientation in revit or some thing!!! … WHAY?? :sunny:


Can you first try uninstalling custom node and then reinstall. If it doesn’t work uninstall all the packages and install only custom package (archi-lab).
Or else just Calculate the Vector of the element


y = N




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@Kulkul I uninstaled all the packages… i even uninstaled Dynamo its self than i instal it … but still displaying NULL … Why ??
please tell me also if Dynamo is more stable in Revit 2017 thus i 'will instal it instead of using 2016 :slight_smile: thanks

You didn’t uninstall all custom packages. Uninstall all packages. After uninstalling all packages restart revit and install only archi-lab package.

You can also use custom node “Wall.NorthSouthEastWest” from Rhythm package to get wall orientation. Good Luck!

As you can see @Kulkul

, i uninstalled all the custom nodes but it still display NULL!! the problem is not only with this node for example " find wall Material area" has the same problem !!! why !!?

i’m testing dynamo capability (schedeling, extracting element parameter ect…) cause in have a huge work to do with it and i’m fraid to face these kind of problem :frowning: so please what is the issue with my dynamo

Did you try above using “Rhythm Package” node?

Python Script turned yellow using the code that you gave me
import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

import Revit

wallinstances = UnwarpElement(IN[0])
vectorlist = list()
for item in wallinstances:
OUT = vectorlist

Sorry i have No background in programin :slight_smile:

Hi @segatakieddine ,
I have an alternative node , the code is slightly different but does the exact same thing… It gets te orientation of all types of revit element. It’s in my package Node-Mode . If you don’t want to download the package for so little here’s the code:

import clr
from Autodesk.Revit.DB import *

import Revit

dataEnteringNode = IN

elements =
for i in IN[0]:
vectors =
for e in elements:

OUT = vectors

Hi @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi;

I’m trying to work with your recomendation, but I get this error:

I’m working with Revit 2016 and Dynamo 1.2.1.

Thanks in advance.

hi i don’t find the node “Wall.NorthSouthEastWest” in Rhythm package. Why??

@matarresemarianna That’s old node might have been depriciated. Here is the custom node from Rhythm package which your looking for Wall.NorthSouthEastWest.dyf (11.9 KB)

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thank you

another question, how to select elements that have a length greater than a defined value? in my case i want elements with a length grater than 1.5