Wall Orientation


Beginner question sorry. I’m drawing lines and placing walls on them. how do i control the orientation (interior vs exterior) of the walls on those lines? flipping the start/end point doesn’t seem to make a difference.


There’s a wall Orientation node from the Clockwork package that gives you the normal. You will see the XYZ values so i guess you could change those. Anybody with more experience care to join :slight_smile:



Start point and end point make all the difference. In Revit, all line-based elements (including walls) have a drawing direction, i.e. if you draw a couple of walls in clockwise direction they are going to be oriented outward (and vice versa if you’re going counter-clockwise). The same goes for walls created using Dynamo, so the order of start and end point of a line matters. As Daniel pointed out, you can use Clockwork’s Wall.Orientation node to check where the exterior side of the wall points, plus I took this opportunity to add another node called Wall.Flip to Clockwork that will - surprise, surprise - flip the wall’s orientation. Still, I think your best bet is to avoid that entirely and just set up your points in the correct order. Just the other day, Colin McCrone published a package called Point.SortByAngle - maybe that would be of help, too.